Product Features

Ultrahigh Filtration

NASK Nanofiber Smart Mask is the world’s first and unique Nanofiber N99 Air Purifying and Bacteria Killing Mask which filters out over 99% (MPPS – Most Penetration Particle Size) of particulate matters, including various allergens, pollen, mould, everyday dust as well as well as PM2.5 particulate contaminants is completely breathable.


PM2.5 & Smog                                                                       Mould                                                                         allergens

Virus Trapping

The Nanofibers within the mask trap viruses such as H1N1, Chickenpox, SARS. The mask provides a Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) greater than 99%*

Bacteria Killing

NASK Nanofiber Smart Mask – N99 Air Purifying and Bacteria Killing Mask possesses a bacteria killing function which has been tested to kill over 99% of Bacteria within 5 minutes*(As tested against Staphylococcus aureus & Pseudomonas aeruginosa). The Bacteria killing function has been independently tested and certificated by internationally recognized testing authorities.


Reduce Cross-Contamination

Even with masks that are capable of providing high levels of protection, without the bacterial killing function, there is an increased risk of cross-infection/contamination as trapped bacteria can survive on mask fibers.

Kids are especially prone to Bacteria contamination due to their daily habits.

Allergen Protection

NASK Nanofiber Smart Mask can filter out very fine matter that Adults & children may encounter at school, work, and/or simply at home. These include various allergens such as dust mite waste, pollen and mould spores which are known to trigger allergies and other respiratory-related conditions.


High Airflow

With a conventional N95 mask, blood oxygen level drops significantly after 5 minutes of exercise showing greatly restricted airflow.

Wearing NASK and exercising for 5 minutes. The results showcase the masks superior airflow allowing the user’s blood oxygen level to remain similar to that of a user exercising without a mask.

NASK has successfully combined the breathability of a surgical mask with the effective protection of an N95 Mask

People can wear NASK Nanofiber Smart Mask to sleep. NASK is very high breathability and it can wear continuously > 8 hours

Lighter and Thinner

Due to NASK’s unique Nanofiber – less filter material is required in the construction of the mask. This makes NASK Smart mask lighter and thinner, thus allowing greater breathability than traditional N95 masks.

Higher Dust Capacity

Due to the highly porous construction of NASK Nanofiber Smart mask, the mask has a much larger dust loading capacity when compared to its competitors in the market. This enables users to wear the mask much longer in highly polluted areas.