About Us


We strive for the good of mankind through discovering and applying NASK Nanofiber Technology.


We translate our NASK nanofiber technology and knowledge into products that have set off revolution in the world development of medical device, personal protective and health care products in the decades to come.

Responsibility and Shared Values

* NASK is committed to upholding the core value of protecting our earth and environment.

* We believe human capital is one of the most important assets in our Company and adopt employee-oriented practices in our human resources policy.

* We believe in NASK Nanofiber Technology and its great potentials for extensive application in daily products that will better our lives and health.

* We share these values with our management team, employees, suppliers, collaborators and stakeholders.

We are more than a manufacturer

In 2013, the NASK brand under the auspices of the Profit Royal Pharmaceutical Limited (PTRL) collaborated with Nano And Advance Materials Institute Ltd (Hong Kong SAR Government designated laboratory) by using NASK cutting-edge Nanofiber Technology to produce the first globe Nanofiber Bacteria Killing Smart Mask in Hong Kong.

In 2016, NASK Nanofiber Technology has made landmark advancement in the production of safe and healthy masks featured by a brilliant mix of high filtration and high protection efficiency.   Bacteria-killing of the Smart Mask is an added value of this whole invention.

NASK nanofiber bacteria killing mask is a revolutionary mask in its technology and function. The NASK Nanofiber Technology marks a significant milestone for the future of medical device and personal and health care product development.


We are persistently advancing our knowledge and technology to strive for excellence in NASK Nanofiber Technology to bring about wide applications in our daily lives.

Out of 31 Nanofiber product manufacturers world wide, NASK is one of only 2 entities that can apply this Nanotechnology for mass production. NASK has successfully mass produce the worlds first Antimicrobial Nanofiber N99 efficient air purifying mask. NASK Nanofibers can be applied in various applications & products e.g. masks and diapers


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