Legislative Councillor (Information Technology) – Charles Mok Visits NASK

The #Legislative Councillor for Information Technology – #Charles Mok Visited the #NASK Office with Sarinda Kwok and Stephen Kwok. The Parent company Profit Royal Pharmaceutical is the first Hong Kong based manufacturer to obtain NIOSH approval with performance verified by international NELSON LAB certification.

CHARLES first looked at the Nanofiber-spinning machine to witness the first step in the manufacturing of the ground breaking purifying and bacteria-killing nanofiber mask. He was excited to find that a Hong Kong manufacturer is able to produce a world-renowned and beneficial mask to the world. Accordingly, Charles promised to promote the mask at every gathering.
Thank you Charles Mok!

‘There are a number of cities being greatly affected by smog. Hopefully the new NASK purifying mask can help those in need.
In the new year, we wish you all the health and joy!’

#NASK Mask
#Breathe well

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