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Profit Royal Pharmaceutical Limited (PTRL) and North China Pharmaceutical Group (Tianjin) International Logistics Limited (NCPG) announced today that they have entered into an agreement on September 13, 2016 for the distribution of NASK’s Air Purifying and Bacterial Killing Mask in Mainland China. The mask was jointly developed by Profit Royal Pharmaceutical Limited and Nano and Advanced Material Institute (NAMI) in Hong Kong.

Ms. Sarinda Kwok, Managing Director of PTRL, believes the cooperation signifies international recognition of Hong Kong’s achievements in the research and development of high-tech healthcare product, which is very encouraging for both the Hong Kong entrepreneurs and Nanotechnology researchers for their proven efforts and vision

During the past 3 years of product development, PTRL and NAMI overcame different challenges and constantly strove for excellence. The successfully developed NASK’s Air Purifying Bacteria Killing Mask is positioned as a personal health care product. The mask kills 99% of filtered bacteria within 5 minutes, has high permeability and can even be worn while sleeping. During the flu seasons, we not only need to be cautious about what we eat, but also what we breathe in. NASK has become popular amongst those who are allergic to air contaminant.

NCPG states NASK’s mask is well suited for a market like Mainland China, where there are often large variations in weather and conditions.  With China being such a populous country, the market potential is huge. As with many countries worldwide, China is being threatened by various viruses, smog problems, etc. with people starting to pay more attention to respiratory health and the need for advanced health products to protect themselves and the next generation. NCPG is very happy to collaborate with PTRL and bring the product to China. They also look forward to exploring more product lines in order to match with the future market needs.

PTRL is teamed up by personnel with rich knowledge and experiences in Chinese medicine, medical knowledge and business management. Since 2004, they have been dedicating themselves to scientific research in the development of Chinese and Western herbal preparations and health products as well as providing consultancy services for health service

companies and organizations in Hong Kong. Their research team comprises traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, Chinese medicine pharmacists and related medical professionals. They conduct scientific and clinical research with clinical application to produce a series of low dosage but effective Chinese and Western traditional herbal medicinal products and spice products.

PTRL’s China factory has been accredited Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that monitors their making of all products in compliance with the international safety and quality standards.

To meet the growing customer demands and for future development, PTRL has acquired a dust-free pharmaceutical production premises in Hong Kong. The production premises and facilities are complying with international GMP standard.

Sarinda says, “We are committed to protecting our environment, and are guided by corporate social responsibility in our business operation.”

North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (publicly trade as, is the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in China, located in Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City.

Since the foundation stone was laid in June 1958, NCPC has grown, expanded and diversified its businesses.  It now owns more than 30 subsidiaries, and no longer relies on importing penicillin to the country.  The corporation has earned a reputation of “Pharmaceutical Leading Manufacturer of New China” and “Cradle of China’s Pharmaceutical Industry”. With the collaboration, both Profit Royal Pharmaceutical Limited and North China Pharmaceutical Group (Tianjin) International Logistics Limited (wholly owned by North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, located in Tianjin, specializing in trade, logistics and international cooperation) will complement each other, starting a new chapter between China and HK cooperation in the health care domain.

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